The company Seascape, d.o.o., was founded in 2008 with a simple mission: to inspire people to become sailors and connect with the wind, the sea and other sailors. Their recognizable brands are: the legendary "Beneteau First" and the innovative "SE – Seascape Edition".

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We were looking for a Slovenian company to help us implement our complex idea of a sailboat configurator. We wanted a better user experience for our customers and easier management of our site.

Shopamine was the only company that came to us and actually implemented our idea. In addition, the team is very responsive and always ready to find solutions.


Tomo Novak 
Sales Manager, Seascape

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Seascape is a custom yacht builder. To enable sailors to buy a turnkey sailboat, we came to their aid by preparing a configurator.

With the help of the sailboat configurator, the buyer ‘builds’ a sailboat according to your wishes. It allows him to choose the main components that are available. 

The selection of products in the composition is mutually conditioned by the specifications, so the list of products changes dynamically according to previous selections. For example, within the configuration of a specific yacht, the user chooses between a version with carbon accessories or aluminum accessories. When he selects one type of accessories, the list changes dynamically. 

When selecting individual parts, the final price is also calculated, and when placing an order, the customer is charged from the price of the entire assembly only a percentage that is intended as an advance.


In 2018, Seascape joined forces with the Beneteau Group to accelerate its mission. Their strategic slogan "Affordable Vanguard" is completely in line with Seascape's philosophy, so joining the Seascape team was a natural next step. In a big leap, they have transformed from a leading niche provider to a part of the large Beneteau team, which wants to change the world of sailing with its projects.

Anual revenue:6.5 MIO EUR (2021)  
Number of employees:70
Customer segments:Distributor wordwide