B2B Revenue.

Simplify Multi-Channel Sales with Shopamine. 
One Platform, Multiple Channels, Boundless Opportunities.

Resonate With Your Market Needs

Adaptive Online Experiences

Tailor online store experiences by utilizing contextual triggers such as user, domain, language, time, device type …

Flexible Dynamic Pricing

Dynamic pricing models, adaptable to user-specific contracts or real-time data to implement pricing strategies for your market.

Role-Based Access

Specialized user roles, including Sales Agents and Distributors that allow for more segmented and efficient management.

Digital Accuracy & Personal Touch

Offer a unique shopping experience that caters to both online and offline customer needs.

Distributor Webshop

Enable distributors to connect seamlessly with local B2B customers through a pre-built online store.

Quote Composer

On-site quote generation using pre-negotiated prices to provide competitive advantage where speed and customization are key.

Unlock the Power of Integration

Zapier and everything else

We have integrated Shopamine with Zapier, and Zapier connects to over 5000+ other applications.

Automated and Configurable Exports

Provide your B2B clients with a readily importable, on-demand catalog for their e-commerce platforms.

Integrate Seamlessly with ERP and Marketing APIs



Manage product configurations, stock levels, external suppliers, and their inventories effortlessly. Enjoy unlimited customization with extensive attribute options.


Price lists

Set up personalized price lists for each user or retrieve real-time pricing dynamically.



Receive real-time notifications for new orders and status updates via webhooks. Efficiently update order-related documents, such as invoices.



Efficiently manage users with capabilities to add and update, supported by webhooks for user changes. Ensure compliance with GDPR consents.


No in-house Engineering?

We collaborate with skilled partners who can handle intricate systems and workflows, guaranteeing a smooth and hassle-free experience from start to finish.

One Plug & Play Template for Fast Launch.

Discover Limitless Potential with Just One Template, No Coding Experience Needed.

No More Searching & Choosing Templates

Simple customization options

No HTML knowledge required

  • Main menu OFF
    • Type Classic
    • Position Under logo
    • Alignment Left
    • Big Dropdown Layout Sections
    • Menu Type Default
    • Choose Menu Source Header Menu
  • Switch Menu to Uppercase OFF
  • Switch Submenu to Uppercase ON
  • Double height OFF
  • Hamburger menu color
  • Mobile Menu Style Style 1