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July 4 2024

New Features

1. Dashboard

We've revamped your Dashboard to include Shortcuts, Resource Links, Sales Analytics, and the 10 Best Performing Products. We've also added an introductory video to help new users get oriented with Shopamine. If you're an existing user, please watch the video and remember that this is just the first version—more improvements are on the way!


June 27 2024

New Features

1. User-Friendly Variants for Items

Description: We’ve revamped how items with variants are displayed and managed, making the interface more intuitive and user-friendly.


  • Added support for displaying either a variant chooser image or a specification image on the variants chooser.
  • Introduced the ability to select variants from a grid view.
  • Optimised the user experience for selecting variants with multiple specifications, such as colour and size, ensuring that the stock display updates according to the selected variant.

2. Recently Viewed Items: 

We have introduced a new feature that displays recently viewed items to store users. You can enable this feature on both the single-item page and in the basket.

3. Compare Items Feature: 

We’ve developed a compare option that allows customers to compare two items before making a purchase. This tool allows your users to compare the specifications of various items on a single page, helping them decide which product is best suited for their needs. By enhancing the customer experience, the Comparator also has the potential to boost your sales.

Optimisations and Improvements: Fixed a bug in our API when creating users and a bug on awaiting payment notifications.

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June 13 2024

New Features

We've integrated the newest PayPal API, providing enhanced payment options. This integration supports both the PayPal checkout button and card payments directly in the checkout process, offering a more convenient and versatile payment solution for our users.

Users can now see stock levels for multiple warehouses directly from the product page. By using our API, accessible at Warehouse API, you can fill different warehouses and enable the display in the skin settings to showcase which store items are available for pickup. This feature enhances inventory visibility and helps users manage stock more efficiently.

We've added a new API function that allows filtering orders by their status. This new feature can be accessed via the endpoint /api/v1/purchases/list?limit=100&status=[status], making it easier to manage and organize orders based on their current status.

Optimizations and Improvements:

This week, we resolved the Stripe auto-capture bug, fixed the GLS same-day delivery issue, and corrected the notification condition boxes.

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May 16 2024

New Feature: Shopamine Stickers

We are excited to announce the new Shopamine Stickers functionality. These are labels/stickers that you can now create yourself and add to the product list or product page. Read more about Shopamine Stickers here.

Bug Fixes:

  • Promotion Conditions Deletion: Resolved an issue where users were unable to delete conditions from promotions. This fix ensures that conditions can now be removed as expected, providing better control over promotion configurations.
  • GLS Address Change in Checkout: Fixed a bug where users were able to change the GLS address during checkout. This correction prevents unauthorized address changes, ensuring accurate delivery information.
  • Set of Options Specification Bug: Addressed a bug affecting set of options specifications. This fix improves the performance and reliability of multispec operations.
  • Supplier Item Data Duplication: Fixed an issue where supplier item data was not present when duplicating an item. This resolution ensures that all relevant data is retained during item duplication, improving data consistency.
  • Image Import Bug: Resolved a bug related to importing images. This fix ensures that image imports are processed correctly, enhancing the media management experience.
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April 18 2024

Header Settings

In the Skin Settings, we've added even more options to customize your header. Now you can mix and match different header styles depending on whether you use a full-screen banner or video on the homepage, unlike on collection pages and other landing pages. 

This update also includes the rollout of a new integration with Stripe, aimed at streamlining payment processing. Moreover, we have made several bug fixes and improvements to our GLS integration, which is now fully integrated with the Metakocka platform, enhancing its functionality and reliability.

Shopamine Promotions Engine   [TAG_DEPLOYED]

After some delays, we have finally completed a major feature: the Shopamine Promotions Engine. This tool is user-friendly and offers a plethora of options for creating promotions to boost sales. The features of the Promotions Engine include the Shopamine Condition Editor, which allows you to set the validity of promotions, as well as options for exclusive promotions and conditions to apply discounts to selected items, brands, categories, shipping, or the entire basket. Additionally, you can combine existing item discounts with promotions and stack multiple promotions at once. The engine is intelligent and will always select the best combination of discounts for your users.

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February 2 2024

We're thrilled to announce our latest update, which introduces a significant new feature and several key improvements and bug fixes aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing usability. Here's everything you need to know about what's new and improved:

GLS Integration   [TAG_DEPLOYED]

We're excited to introduce GLS Integration, which will add an option for website customers to select in which Parcel machine or pickup location their order should be delivered. Additionally, we will add a same-day delivery option. This feature will later support other shipping providers as well, offering you more flexibility in your shipping options.

Orders Table Update

To provide more detailed insights into order processing, we've added "Shipping Type" and "Payment Type" columns in the Orders table within the new admin interface. This enhancement offers a clearer overview of order specifics, aiding in better order management and tracking.

Bug Fixes

  • Custom Menus Saving Issue: Resolved an issue where custom menus were not saving correctly upon making changes. This fix ensures that alterations to custom menus are now retained and applied as expected.
  • Filter Views Navigation: Fixed a critical bug where switching through filter views could result in invalid filters returning a white screen. Users can now seamlessly navigate through different filter views without encountering disruptions.
  • Styled Error Message for County Deletion: Introduced a styled error message to inform users when they cannot delete a county, improving the clarity and user experience during such operations.
  • User Deletion Bug: Addressed and fixed the bug that previously prevented users from being deleted. This resolution ensures that user management within the platform is more reliable and straightforward.
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January 25 2024

We are excited to announce the latest updates to THE ONE, focusing on substantial performance enhancements and feature additions. This release targets key areas to optimize user experience, streamline store management, and bolster security measures. Here's what's new:

  • Performance Enhancements: Engine Optimization: We've made significant improvements to the engine behind THE ONE, enhancing overall efficiency and response times.
  • Configuration Caches for Box Option Processor: Added caching for box option processing, eliminating the need for options to be recalculated with every request. This update significantly reduces load times and improves system performance.
  • Database Access Optimization: Optimized database interactions by batching sequences of requests into a single database query. This change minimizes database load and speeds up data retrieval processes.
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January 17 2024

In our latest update, we've added new features and made improvements for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience:

New Features and Enhancements

  • User Experience Improvements in Notifications: Enhanced the overall user experience within the Notifications module, focusing on usability and interaction.
  • UI Enhancements for Blog and Post Lists: Upgraded the user interface for blog posts and post lists, including new layout options like full width, custom, and wrap.

Bug Fixes

  • Notification Module Stability Improvements: Fixed issues in the Notifications module to ensure better stability and functionality.
  • Corrected Data Display in Order Boxes: Addressed and resolved data display issues in the Order Data boxes.
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January 9 2024

In our latest update, we've added new features and made improvements for a more intuitive and user-friendly experience:

New Features and Enhancements

  • Enhanced Widget Customization Options: Introduction of advanced settings for Leanpay widget to allow detailed customization.
  • Improved Popup User Interface: Redesign and relocation of the popup close icon, along with added functionality to change its color.
  • Content Box Background Settings: New feature to anchor content boxes to the bottom of the header, ensuring consistent positioning.
  • Advanced Menu Navigation Control: Implementation of settings to control the number of visible submenu levels in dropdown menus.

Bug Fixes

  • Order Data Box Localization: Added localized sample data in Order data notifications for regional relevance.
  • Mobile Optimization for Blog Posts: Introduction of mobile-specific spacing for optimal readability on smaller screens.
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December 22 2023

We are pleased to announce the first phase of our comprehensive optimization process for the template engine. This initial update lays the groundwork for substantial improvements in store performance and user experience, marking the beginning of an exciting journey towards an even more efficient platform.

Performance Enhancements

  • Page Rendering Time Reduction: We've made optimizations that result in reduced page rendering times, particularly noticeable for stores you've visited previously.
  • Improved Caching for Images and Scripts: Changes in how images and scripts are cached lead to faster browser loading times, enhancing the overall responsiveness of the stores.

Security and Compatibility Update

  • Support for TLS v1.3: All domains have been upgraded to support TLS v1.3, enhancing security and performance over the previous v1.2.

While these enhancements mark significant progress, it's important to note that this is just the first step in a three-phase optimization process. The full impact of these changes will be more apparent in the subsequent updates, which are designed to bring a very noticeable increase in the general speed of the stores.

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Upcoming Features

Analytics   in progress

We are thrilled to share that our new admin will soon include advanced Analytics. This feature will provide you with comprehensive insights into your e-commerce platform's performance, helping you make data-driven decisions and optimize your business strategies. Stay tuned for this powerful tool to elevate your online store's success!

Shopamine CDN   in progress

We are excited to share that we are steadily progressing towards a faster and more reliable Shopamine. Our developers are working on integrating a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and implementing new techniques for faster and quieter deployments.

CSS Editor for Agencies & Developers   in progress

With our skin called The One, you can create virtually any setup and layout you envision. Our CSS editor will help you add that extra edge to your websites. The CSS editor will be available on a skin instance for site-wide changes and on every single page for individual page modifications and design tweaks.