Braintree set up

How to create a Braintree account and enable it in your online store:

Open Braintree website.

On the top right corner or in the middle of the page choose:

Sign up or Sign up now 

Enter your email, create a password and choose the country your business is located in. Click Agree and Create Account to create an account.

Warning: It will take up to two days for Braintree to verify your account. 

You will recieve an email to the same email address that you entered when creating a page. The email will contain a link, which you will have to click on to verify your email address. In the same email you will also recieve a button Complete Your Account, which will direct you to a new page. On that page you will have to enter some additional information.

Once you do that, you will land on a page Dashboard.

Click on Settings > Processing in the menu in the top right , where you can enable all the payment methods you want to offer in your store: 

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Here you will find the first information that you will have to add to Shopamine later. On the bottom of the page you have your Merchant Account:

Shopamine nastavitev braintree računa

You will find any other information by clicking Account > My User in the top right corner. 

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There is a View Authorization button on the bottom of this site. 

Click on it and you will be directed to a page with all the additional information you will need later in Shopamine. 

The key is needed for enabling your Braintree account in your Shopamine online store. 

In the API Keys - Private key section click on view,

Shopamine nastavitev braintree računa

which leads you to Client Library Key:

Shopamine nastavitev braintree računa

Here are all the keys you need:

  • Public key,
  • Private Key,
  • Merchant ID.

Settings in Shopamine:

Copy all the necessary keys from Braintree and paste them in Shopamine.

By opening Menu > All settings > Checkout > Payments / GateWays you can access your payment methods. Click + Add new payment service and choose Braintree.

You can name the payment however you want. 

Saving the payment will open a new tab, where you enter all the information from Braintree.

Shopamine braintree set up

After you insert all the keys you have to choose whether you want to enable Automatic settlement or not.

If you enable Automatic settlement it means that the funds will be reserved and withdrawn immediately. Choose this option if you have a larger stock and if you are sure that you will be able to ship the product in the promised time. 

WARNING: If you enable Automatic settlement and you will not be able to ship the product in time, you will have to pay the customer back and have additional, unecessary costs. 

If you do not enable Automatic settlement it means that the funds will only be reserved on the client's bank account, but not immediately withdrawn. Use this option when you're not sure if you will be able to ship the product in the promised time. 

Before you finish, click Test configuration, which checks if you entered the information correctly. If everything checks out a green notification will appear on the top of the page.

Save all changes by clicking Save

Braintree makes your customer experience better by having the form already set up in the last step of the purchase, so that your customers are not being redirected to a different site.

Basic Fraud Tools (Card Verification Value CVV):

Basic Fraud Tools allow you to set up AVS, CVV, and risk threshold rules to reduce the likelihood of fraudulent activity within your account.

  • Sign in to your Braintree account.
  • Open Settings > Processing > Fraud Tools > CVV.
  • Click Options.
  • Change the settings to your liking.
  • Click Save.
Shopamine nastavitev braintree računa
Shopamine nastavitev braintree računa

Braintree requirements:

In order to comply with Visa and Mastercard regulations, there are certain items that must be present on your website and/or mobile app before Braintree can guarantee that we will disburse funds to your bank account. These include:

  • DBA (Doing Business As name) listed on your application; this must be the most prominent name on your site (Note: we do not require formal DBA registration)
  • Marketing materials that explain your products or services and pricing
  • Contact information such as a mailing address, phone number, and/or email address; a fill-in form, mail-to link, or pop-up email message box is not sufficient
  • Return/refund policy, even if this policy is No refunds
  • Privacy policy
  • Clear statement of the delivery time frame if you are shipping physical goods
Shopamine nastavitev braintree računa

Transaction Lifecycle:

  • Authorized: When a purchase is first submitted by a customer, we start by checking with the customer’s bank to see if the payment method is legitimate and has sufficient funds to pay for your product or service. If the customer's bank approves, the transaction will be given an Authorized status. An authorization puts a hold on the funds in the customer’s account, but doesn’t remove any funds just yet..
  • Submitted for settlement: Eventually, authorizations will expire. In order to collect funds, a transaction needs to be submitted for settlement – which happens by default when creating transactions via the Control Panel. Transactions with the Submitted for Settlement status indicate that the process of removing money from the customer's account has been initiated.
  • Settling: When Braintree begins communicating with the processor about the settlement request, the transaction will move from Submitted for Settlement to Settling. The amount of time a transaction spends in the Settling state depends on the processing bank. 
  • Settled: This is when the money moves from your customer’s bank through your merchant account. Once the money hits your merchant account, the transaction will display as Settled, and the funds will be routed to your bank account.

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