Is influencer marketing a good way of promoting your brand?

With the rise of social media, brand owners and digital marketing strategists got the opportunity to take advantage of other people’s social capital to empower their influencer marketing campaigns. Even the modern consumer who uses internet and the social media in order to find and buy products or services will often trust a recommendation of trusted individuals - influencers, whose role consists of using their social capital to connect brand owners and end customers by engaging in so-called celebrity endorsement.

Who is an influencer?

An influencer is an individual, very often widely known person with a significant amount of followers on their social media profiles and web pages. However, influencers don’t come only from the world of entertainment. There is a number of important/influential individuals who aren’t really well-known, but have a large audience who follows their activism, charisma or coaching activities nonetheless.

Great influencer marketing campaigns often engage influencers of choice in the creative process of product making. They’re often given exclusive right to use and promote a product before final release – a potentially very successful strategy.
Chosen influencers should be relevant to your target market, as well as able to reach your target audience in an engaging way – making him an end customer.

How to tell whether your brand would benefit from influencer marketing?

The single most important aspect of influencer marketing is finding the right influencer for your brand. You should be aware of the type of influence your influencer is having – whether s/he’s a trendsetter, authority on a given subject, activist - or just has a large follower base.
This is a two-way street – individual hired to promote your brand should have a credibility to promote it in an attractive manner.

Targeting influencers are not reserved for B2C companies alone. It probably won’t come to you as a surprise that B2B companies spend more time researching potential consumers and pay more attention to their content marketing efforts. Bottom line – each B in the abbreviation “B2B” is made out of people, these people’s needs, and their willingness to sell/buy a great product.

When should you opt for a different marketing strategy?

Influencer marketing is in an upward trend and should, without a shadow of a doubt, lead to bigger ROI. Philip Trippenbach, Head of the influencer at global communications marketing firm Edelman, says he has "never seen evidence" of influencer marketing delivering a good ROI when used to promote specific products, a tactic particularly popular on social media platform Instagram.

Trippenbach pointed out that influencers should - rather than promoting a product - engage in promoting a brand, highlighting an interesting case study of a successful campaign by an online payment service company who sent travel vloggers around the world to show its customers they can cover all expenses without using any physical cash. Therefore, the company wasn’t emphasizing the product, but the brand itself.

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