Glavne prednosti B2B ecommerce za vaše poslovanje

B2B ecommerce je okrajšava za »business to business electronic commerce«, kar pomeni, da gre za spletno prodajo izdelkov ali storitev med podjetji.

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Customer success - the basics

Whenever you download a free application for personal use from the internet or buy a full-featured software suite for your company, you are asked to rate your experience. For a vendor, user feedback has a large value – it's used for customer success purposes.

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Product photography - an often neglected aspect of e-commerce

Product photography is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce. Since we live in a fast visual era, managing your products' presentation should be one of the main priorities of your online business.


Is influencer marketing a good way of promoting your brand?

With the rise of social media, brand owners and digital marketing strategists got the opportunity to take advantage of other people’s social capital to empower their influencer marketing campaigns.

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Shopamine product update

This update brings us Elastic Search implementation and upgraded order exports, catalog exports, order list advanced search. We are most excited about Eleastic Search and posibilities for the future upgrades that this technology brings.

13 Strategies to Use If Your Domain Name Isn’t Available

You come up with the perfect business name. But when you go online to register the domain name, you discover something horrible. Your perfect domain name is taken.

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Content or Links: Which One Should You Focus on First?

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

You’ve heard that question before, but for marketers and SEOs, there’s a different version of that question. “Which comes first, content or links?”

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12 Essential Tips to Picking a Website Color Scheme

Did you know that 85 percent of shoppers base their product purchasing decisions on color? It’s true.

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Gary Vaynerchuk's Interview With Larry King

"School is failing entrepreneurs every day." 

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How to add an animated banner (carousel)?

The animated banner allows you to show multiple offers, products, news... all in one place. You can inform your visitors about important news without ruining the design of your front page. You can set conditions for each page of the carousel box as well!

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How to add a new payment?

By offering electronic payments as well as regular payments you show your customers that you are trustworthy.

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How to change the theme?

Shopamine’s advanced display of your website allows you to use a different theme for different occasions. You can use the same theme multiple times and only change minor details (color…). You can use a different theme based on domains, user types…

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How to use the Image as link box?

The Image as link box is very useful, because it looks good and it’s easy to use. With the help of a linked image you can suggest people which pages to visit. At the same time you allow them to get to the more important pages quickly.

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How to set a new currency?

Sometimes it is easier for visitors to see the prices in the currencies they are more familiar with. Shopamine calculates the primary currency of your online shop on its own by using or the European Central Bank exchange rate.

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How to set a new domain?

You can set a new domain for every language you have, for example:,, my… You can set a different domain for your B2B online shop as well.

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How to translate a banner picture?

Shopamine allows you to show a picture banner with text in different languages, based on the language the visitor chooses.

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How to add a list of blogs?

Blog posts, news, articles and other texts have a big impact on the organic visits of your website. Through the keywords in those texts Google decides how to rank your website. Furthermore, blog posts are a great way to keep your visitors updated.

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How to add a link in text?

By creating links on your website you can improve your SEO and help Google rank your site higher on its list of searches.

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How to set discount codes?

Discount codes are known sale boosters which you can use with different sales. With the code that you create in Shopamine you can offer your visitors a discount, free shipping… That way you can motivate them to buy something they otherwise wouldn’t.

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URL redirects (301)

You can use URL redirects when you change the link to an already-existing page (i.e.: You change the page's name in Pages.). The old link would still exist in Google, but it would report an error when clicked on it. With the redirection you keep the old link and only redirect it to a new one. This affects SEO as well.

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Enable crawling

With the latest update of our admin crawling is now disabled by difault. Search engines (i.e.: Google) don't crawl your website, which means that in a while your site would not appear in the list of searches anymore.

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How to add a new shipping?

With a various choice of shipping methods your customer can choose the one that suits them best.

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Braintree Integration

With Braintree you get credit card and debit card payments as well as PayPal. All in one. Braintree makes your customer experience better by having the form already set up in the last step of the purchase. So that your customers are not being redirected to a different site. Soon Braintree will offer ApplePay and other mobile payments as well.

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How to duplicate a product?

If you have a various number of products with the same properties you can make one product and then duplicate it. You can save time by only changing those properties that the products don’t have in common.

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Facebook Pixel

Facebook pixel allows you to track and analyze customers, measure conversions, optimize ads... Through pixel you can connect your Facebook to the activity on your website. The activity will be shown in your Facebook analytics (Insights).

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Basic SEO settings

Google Search Console is Google's free service, which allowes you an overview and maintenance of your site in Google Search results. With the help of this service you will better understand how Google sees your website and optimize its display in Google Search results.

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How to translate text?

Shopamine allows you to offer your visitors a website in their language and raise the chance of a purchase.

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How to use column boxes?

With column boxes you can arrange the content on your website anyway you’d like. Column boxes along with content boxes offer a large variety of layouts.

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Intercom + Shopamine = better support for our customer

As you may have noticed in the last couple of months, we have been testing Intercom on Shopamine. The response from our customers is very positive.

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How to link a picture?

Every picture on your website should be a link. That way you allow your visitors to easily navigate through your site. With the help of a linked picture your visitors can get to the pages they are interested in much quicker. You can also point them in the direction of the page you want them to visit.

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How to set a free shipping?

The researches have shown that free shipping can often boost your sale and motivate your visitors to make a purchase they otherwise wouldn’t make. With Shopamine you can offer free shipping for all purchases or just the ones over a certain amount.

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How to add a picture to an empty basket?

By adding a picture to your empty basket you make your website more interesting. Furthermore, you can link the picture to any page you want (product, list of products, page, URL…).

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Why incomplete website content leads to lost sales

98% of all shoppers have decided against buying due to errors in a retailer’s site content, a survey from marketing platform Episerver finds.

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How to add a Company contact card?

Your visitors want to trust you. With the use of Company contact card you can introduce your company and show people it is trustworthy.

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NEW! With the MailChimp form you allow your customers to add their email (or other information) and stay updated with your news.

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How to link my site to my social media accounts?

With the links to your social media accounts you give your visitors a way to quickly learn about your news, sales, events… What’s more, you allow them to communicate with you easily and more directly. It boosts visitors’ trust in your offer and your company.

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How to add a new language?

With a multilingual website you can communicate with a bigger number of customers. The communication is more personal, which can help boost your sale.

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How to set the Personal contact card?

Our personal contact card is aestetic and easy to navigate. You can add any information about you that your customers might be interested in. What’s more, you can link the personal card to your social media networks.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Keynote - Online Marketing Rockstars

To listen to this classic Gary Vaynerchuk keynote is, we would say almost a must. For everyone that wants to understand how digital marketing on the social networks work. 

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